Tuesday, December 03, 2013


Our TV is broken and we are waiting for a new one to come. (It is significantly cheaper at Walmart to order online and have it delivered to the store.) So I was playing with Youtube on my cellphone when up pops a recommendation to watch an interview with Paul Simon at Barnes & Noble from 2008, when he won the Library of Congress Gershwin award.

What an amazing interview. We sat through the seven segments for the hour interview.

He stressed the importance of structure and knowing what you're working with as the song is created. (At least that's the point I got from it.) Also, you have to rework the music and keep adding on new things. Experience is important.

You also have to think about how what your are doing will affect the listeners. It struck me that that's something I should really keep in mind when preparing for a class.

Finally, that suggestion option in Youtube isn't too bad after all. From having listened to some Paul Simon videos before, it led me to this.