Monday, February 21, 2011

Guinea Bankrupt?

I just read this article from the BBC. President Alpha Conde says that the military junta that has ruled the past two years bankrupted the country. When I visited Guinea at the end of 2006 I couldn't believe how poor and mismanaged the country was. Yet Guinea has enough mineral resources that everyone in the country should be well off. I really hope this new democratic regime can fix things!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Any Human Heart

I really enjoyed the first night of Any Human Heart on Masterpiece. It was a little disconcerting at first when the show switched to different times in Logan's life. I did get used to it as the story went on. Logan is remarkably selfish. I wonder if he will develop as a person by the end. I am thinking about getting the original book by William Boyd. Maybe after this is over.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

New Deicer

I put in a new deicer for the koi pond. It's a 300 watt model in the shape of a rock. (I got it from Foster and Smith Aquatics, who were running a sale. They had great service, too.) When our old flat one stopped working, I put in the 1250 watt one for a while, but I was afraid it would use too much power over the long run. With the ice and rain storms we've had it also warmed up enought to melt all the ice. The fish like to line up like this for some reason.
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