Friday, May 31, 2013

Sample GIS Work by Penn State Mont Alto Students

Make a map of public lands in Quincy and Mont Alto. Find out the areas of each land category. Map streams and watersheds.

Find the table of areas here.

Map the forest cover type maps in a section of the Michaux State Forest (Irishtown Road). Merge the types of the same species groups.

Use a Digital Elevation Model to develop contour lines on the Waynesboro Watershed. Make index contours, too. This map is in pdf format.

Develop a viewshed showing what can be seen from a possible firetower location. Go here to see the pdf of the map.

New Technologies in Forestry

This presentation shows a simple way to use low-cost and free tools to map a forest property and determine the area, too.

Also, the map can be shared on the internet.

View Woodlot Map in a larger map

Click here to see the KML Tools Page.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Sunning Spot

Gus has just figured out that he can do his sunning on top of the hot tub. Not only is is warm, but he can see far away too.

And then a nice back scratch wiggle.
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Neil Young Journeys

Last night I couldn't find anything good to watch on TV. I searched through On Demand until I found the Neil Young Journeys movie. The documentary shows Young driving through his home town reminiscing about what it was like growing up as he is on his way to a concert in Toronto. The songs of the concert are mixed in with the documentary sections.

The music is fantastic. Young plays all by himself, yet sounds like a full orchestra. There are some new songs and some older hits. The protest song "Ohio" is probably the angriest protest song I have ever heard, especially since the pictures of the murdered students were flashed behind. It still strikes a chord even forty years later!

I'd like to watch this one again. It will be playing on On Demand for a while yet.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Umbrella Magnolia at Penn State Mont Alto

Most of the year this tree is unobtrusively tucked between the bookstore and Conklin Hall. But now the flowers are out in full strength. They are particularly fragrant, but they are stunning.


Friday, May 17, 2013

History of the Pennsylvania Forest Academy Presentation