Monday, December 30, 2013

Destroyermen Series

A colleague at work told me about the Destroyermen series. It sounds crazy. A WWII destroyer near Indonesia goes through a mysterious squall while fighting a Japanese battleship. It ends up in an alternate universe where dinosaurs  are still roaming. The ship and its crew ally themselves with the Lemurian race in their fight for survival against the reptilian Grik race. It sounds crazy, but the story and the characters are very engaging. In each book the alternate universe expands as we meet more people and creatures in this new world. There are also some really exciting, if improbable battle scenes.

I have just finished the fifth book and am about to start the sixth.

Into The Storm by Taylor AndersonBook 1
Crusade Book 2
MaelstromBook 3
Distant Thunder Book 4
Rising TidesBook 5
 FirestormBook 6
 Iron Gray SeaBook 7
 Storm Surge  Book 8

I copied this list from Librarything.