Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Veranda Repairs

The outer part of the veranda roof that runs above the koi pond has developed a bad leak over the last few years and rotted through the plywood underneath. This past weekend I started taking off the rotted sections down to the frame. Here are some pictures as the work progresses.

Some of the pictures are taken from the drone. Can you guess which?

Backyard Safari

I saw some drone videos showing animals in Africa. So, I took advantage to shoot the dogs in the yard. They didn't mind as long as the drone didn't get too close!

Four Trees

Here is a video I made on Saturday, May 17th. I shot videos of four trees near Weistling Hall. Each is different. On the white pine near the end you can see gap in the top of the crown that is really hard to see from the ground.

Drone Shell Replacement

Almost two weeks ago I crashed the drone into a tree downhill from Conklin. One of the arms of the shell was bent. I got a replacement shell.

I found several youtube videos on how to replace the shell. They did say it wasn't a difficult process. That was true, but it did turn out to be pretty tedious. It took me two hours to take it apart and remove all the components. I took pictures along the way.

The replacement worked. Everything lit up. I took the unit for a short flight. I think I really need to get a full set of replacement blades to make the flight smoother, but it's back to flying.