Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Terror Bird

I love these stories about new archaeological finds. The terror bird looks pretty fearsome. I'm glad our ancestors didn't have to face them. It seems that they were gone from this hemisphere long before there were any people here. We only have to worry about them in science fiction movies!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Guinea Demonstrations

The community of Guineans in the USA demonstrated in Washington yesterday in support of the general strike back in Guinea. Above is a link to, a site which has so far had the most up to date information. I copied this picture from the ones posted.

The news of the strike and the police retaliations has started to permeate the western, english- language press. It seems that with the war in Iraq still raging only many deaths will penetrate the news organizations. I hope it doesn't came to that!
Here is a link to a Washington Post article yesterday:
Maybe as the price of aluminum goes up, the world will take notice.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Four more killed in Guinea as crisis talks under way | Agence France-Presse, a global news agency

This article summarizes the situation in Guinea eleven days into the strike. It also has pictures of the burned out cars in Conakry and people lining up for gas.

I left Guinea almost two weeks ago, just as the strike was starting. There was no doubt that the people were fed up with the corruption and impoverishment of their country, especially since Guinea is such a potentially rich country. I hope the strike ends soon, peacefully and with the kind of government that Guinea deserves at last.