Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Tropical Aquarium

12/30/2010 I scooped out all the gravel, which was covered with some kind of white filaments. I cleaned it by rinsing with fresh water, then replaced it. I also cleaned the filter. The fish is doing well. I think I would like to get some kind of scavenger, like a catfish, to see if they could keep this under control.

01/03/2011 Today I got two new fish: a catfish and a pleco. I was hoping the catfish would eat some of the filaments. when I had a pleco before it grew very big. I am hoping this one will last a long time.
The catfish is hard to photograph as it moves so fast.

The pleco is hiding behind the heater. They always look for a place to attach.

And my old fish.

Jan. 4 and 5. The catfish didn’t make it. On the morning after I bought him he had white fluff over his eyes and behind some fins. That seemed to diminish, but he went downhill and died that evening.
I brought him back to the pet store as I was within the 48 hour guarantee. They tested the water and found that the pH was 6.0, which is really low!

I got a pH adjuster that is supposed to make the pH 7.5. I also got a fungicide treatment, that consists of two tablets. It has turned the water greenish/blue. They did give me credit at the store so I can get a new fish when everything is adjusted.

1/11 The pH is still about 6.5. I added a dose (5mg?) of the pH up solution.

1/22 The pH is staying stubbornly at 6.5. Should I dose it again. The fish are doing great.