Sunday, January 23, 2011

Goldfish Pond

I have decided to chronicle the different aquariums that I have going around the house. The goldfish pond is a bump out on the porch. It holds may 50 gallons? I have added an external filter to keep the water fresh for the 20 or so fish.

12/30/2010 Changed the charcoal packet and all the filters in the tank. It took a while to get the flow going. I added more water. The fish are doing well.

1/22/2011 The pump stopped working this week. I got it working but the suction wasn’t very strong. I will have to take the pump apart to get it up to full power. The water is starting to get cloudy.

1/23 The filter of the pump seemed to be plugged with algae. I washed everything and am getting a good flow. The bottom of the tank needs vacuuming. The water is quite cold now and the fish seem to be slowing down.