Saturday, January 02, 2010

Last Dr. Who with David Tennant

We watched part 2 of The End of Time, the final Dr. Who with David Tennant. Once again the fate of the entire world is at stake as the Doctor faces his old nemesis The Master and, finally, the entire leadership of his home world, Gallifrey. The plot is, as usual, convoluted. This time, in the build-up to the end, the Doctor seemed like he was losing his soul, his essence. I'm glad that in the end he willingly sacrificed himself to save one insignificant person, Wilfrid Mott, and the whole human race. Also, and most importantly, he found a way to prevail without killing anyone with the gun Wilfrid had given him.

It was nice how in the end the Doctor got to say help and say goodbye  to each of his companions in this incarnation. And he seemed to revive Captain Jack from his funk after the end of the last Torchwood series.

It was a little disconcerting to see the new Doctor at the end. He looks like a little boy! It will be interesting to what he can do in the next series.