Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earliest Mowing Ever!

resize_image_1066903934.jpg by P_Linehan
resize_image_1066903934.jpg, a photo by P_Linehan on Flickr.
By March 30 the grass had gotten pretty high and the weeds even higher. So it was time to break out the mower!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Neighborhood Visitor

I have seen this cat crossing the edge of our lawn several times. I used to think he's a stray, but with this closeup it's obvious that he has a collar with tags, and we hope a good home!
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Aquarium and Pond

I have three different fish tanks in our house: a 20 gallon aquarium, the goldfish tank in the knockout on the porch, and the koi pond outside. Here is our maintenance log:

Snails to the Rescue


We added Black Japanese Trapdoor Snails to the koi pond today. They have a huge amount of algae to chow down on!
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Leaving Home

I heard a great interview with Anthony Hopkins yesterday on Weekend Edition on NPR. All his life Hopkins has been writing music, parts of which were recently recorded by a symphony orchestra. Hopkins great up in Wales. At one point Scott Simon asks him about getting an autograph from Richard Burton. Hopkins answered:

Yeah. I went to his house, he used to come back to Wales and there was this great movie star. And he signed my autograph and he said do you speak Welsh? I said no. He said you're not a true Welshman. He was teasing but he scared me. And I remember thinking; I want to be like him. And I just want to be famous. I didn't know what to do because I wanted to escape from the desert of my own mental whatever it was - emptiness. And so I became an actor. 

I love that phrase, "the desert of my own mental..."  There was nothing wrong with his home or Wales. But he had to leave to make his own future! Since I have been back to Lewiston to visit after many years, I realize that was/is a great town. Yet, I needed to leave for myself, and I'm glad I did, too.

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